Ni Hao Ya’ll!

Last good-byes from South Carolina!Well! This is not where we intended to document our journey to Maggie Rose but we can’t access our webpage from Guangzhou so it will have to do for now.  We had no problems with our site on our last trip 2 years ago so we didn’t come with a backup plan.  Hope this bloghost works out.

The trip over was better than I expected.  Mary Clare had some bad moments but all in all did well for a moody 3 year old.  Thanks so much to our wonderful neighbor for ferrying us and all our stuff to the airport!  There were problems in Columbia with our paper tickets and things were tense for awhile but we did eventually get to the gate where Mary Clare got her first close-up look at a plane.  Of course we didn’t have a camera ready to record her excitement as she shrieked, “IT’S THE BABY PLANE!” and was pleased to find that the tail was blue just like she’d ordered.  There were problems keeping her seat belt on the flight because she wanted desperately to look out the window.  When we took off she laughed and laughed and repeatedly sang, “We’re up! We’re up!”   We had to run to catch the flight in Newark and there’s not much to report about it except that it was looooong and the flight attendants were wonderful.  Mary Clare had a few bad moments particularly when she was half asleep but it was nothing compared to the 13 hour nonstop howling of our flight home from China on her adoption trip.  I must report that our roller coaster baby was true to form and LOVED turbulence and hard landings. “Let’s bump some more!” was not what the queasy among us were thinking.  She was having a bad moment when we began that final descent into Hong Kong but when we told her she’d have to get in the seat and put her belt on before the plane could land she was immediately accomodating.  We figured she’d had enough of planes but told us, “Now we get on the mama airplane!” as we were running to get  off the “baba airplane”.  She likes things to come in families and there’s always a mama and a baba and a baby.

 We landed almost an hour late in Hong Kong but the very nice China Southern people were at the bottom of the jetway and ran us to our connecting flight.  Mary Clare provided the inflight entertainment with several choruses of “I’ve Been Working On the Railroad”.  The view out of the window on the runway was of several Dragonair planes and she was so excited to see all those dragons!  She’s told us for months that there’s a dragon in China and there they were – a whole big red family of them waiting just for her.  You’d think that we would have arrived on time in Guangzhou but we had to sit on the runway for about 40 minutes and then fill out lost (in our case we were on time for the plane but our stuff was not) luggage forms so poor Bob had to wait on us over an hour.

We took a van to the White Swan and checked in about 11:45.  Lee went to Lucy’s for grilled cheese sandwiches, we made some calls with Skype and then went to bed.  As eager as we are to meet our Maggie Rose we are glad that our family day is going to Monday and not Sunday as we thought.

And we said we were packing lite????


 Watching the Sheep In the City cartoon



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