Water, water everywhere…

puddlesnor any drop to drink.  Well at least not in the bathroom and we are constantly reminding Mary Clare of this.  I’m surprised she doesn’t run shrieking from the tap with the emphasis we’ve put on how much your tummy will hurt, hurt, hurt if the water gets in your mouth.  But those of you who know her know she LOVES water- any kind, anywhere anyhow.  After going on about the dangers of the tub we found her stripping in the bathroom determined to get in the sink and splash in the “safe water” from the green water jug.  An astute local man observed her today and asked what province she was from.  We told him here in Guangdong and he said that surely she must have been born near the sea. 

We’ve had a good day and we are ready for tomorrow!  “Where is Maggie Rose?” MC asked after inquiring if she could please have chocolate for breakfast.  Maggie Rose will be here tomorrow and we ask your prayers for her that she not be afraid and for us that we can meet her needs and give her a happy, happy life. 

We miss our HFS 2005 travel group.  We both remarked today that we keep expecting to see you here.  So much of the setting  is the same and you all were such great travelling buddies!!  I love seeing all the tiny little babies with that “who are you people?” expression on their sweet faces.  I asked Lee if it made him want to come back again for a little one and he unequivocably said NO.  Oh well, guess I’ll have to live vicariously through you Stacy!

We walked around the island  between rain showers and enjoyed people watching and puddle splashing!  MC likes the puddles best that have the algae growing on the bottom so that you slide all over the place when you jump in.  Who needs a slip-n-slide when you can just have rain and spores??  She found the little amusement rides in the park near the hotel and had a fine time on the blue plane.  We got a taxi and shopped at Carrefore for strollers and other stuff and managed to get back without incident.  Our luggage finally arrived this evening and one of the suitcases is completely ripped down the back.  We were amazed that everything still seemed to be inside.  The baggage handlers had done a great job of tightly shrinkwrapping around it. 

 Mary Clare stayed up as long as she could and has finally just collapsed over the front of her stroller.   We are not far behind.  It is good to be sleeping under the same moon as our new Huazhou daughter.  When Mary Clare woke up this morning she did not have to send the moon to her as she has these last 6 months.  Goodnight sweet girls! Have a good sleep!

 Cooking Candy Soup White Swan Style

Candy Soup




3 Responses

  1. Thank you so much for sending me this site. I am so happy to follow along to Maggie Rose. I will be up bright and early checking my computer for her beautiful pictures with her wonderful family.
    Thanks also for the little tidbit about Stacy adopting again, Congrats Stacy!

  2. Hey guys!!!!! Glad to see that you made it!!!! I am with Lee on the NO!!! Two is a good number for kids!!!!

    Remember, luggage over there is cheap. Last summer, we bought a suitcase pretty cheap to bring all of our souviners home.

    Try the peanut and jelly from Lucy’s. It was great!!!!! Also, last summer there was a place called Danny’s Bagels that delivered to the hotel. Melissa says that they have great mac-n-cheese. There chicken fingers weren’t bad either.

    Take care!!!! We will be checking back for updates!!!!

    Cris, Melissa, Emilie, and Leah

  3. Great to see that you made it safely! I’m so glad you sent your site to the Midlands FCC group so that we can follow along!

    Mom to Brinley (3)
    Going back for Bailey (3)
    Leaving for China July 19!

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